The big solo.

Joke #1 - A hush fell over the hall. Even forty years later, Charlie Brown could still knock 'em dead with his big "I got a rock" solo.

Joke #2 - And there, before the gathered dignitaries of a thousand warring nations and countless heads of state, history was made and peace was forged with just one brilliant armpit fart.

Joke #2 - "And now, ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be astonished, for in just a moment, I will make myself appear from out of thin air!"

Joke #4 - The controversial and very short-running Syrian production of The Vagina Monologues.

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Postless, but PTD Card.

Sorry for the postlessness today, citizens. However, nothing would salve the postless pain like a completely free no-strings-attached Pointy Tree Day Card. Just some kind of actual postal address to philarego@gmail.com and we'll put you on the we-don't-give-a-crap-how-naughty-or-nice list for when this year's cards get shipped out. You can use a clothes pin to mount it in the spokes of your bike, for that big motorcycle sound.

No operators are standing by, because that sounds like work, man!


1925 D.I.Y. Kite Reel - Stop wasting your child's time.

Large kite-flying reel practically flies kite without child supervision. Frees up child's precious time for more pressing matters such as plowing, darning, sowing, re-darning, reaping, haying, trunking, sawing, duckery, mudding, slopping, frothing, hacking, spaying, fruiting, neutering, castrating, fraying, bulling, reconnoitering, chickenry, frogging, bullocking, stowing, thackery, coopering, wheelwrighting, de-boning, masonry, butchering, binding, re-re-darning, cobbling, fencery, usuring, bear-baiting, geeking, vulcanizing, gooping, mousing, ratting, falconing, and hyena rebuffing.


Pepsi 1957 - The modern, light refreshment.

 Sodey pop. The key to weight loss! To hear Marketing tell it, "reduced" is the same thing as "light". Pepsi is the modern light refreshment!

The Phil Are GO! Research and Googling team was unable to find exact information on the caloric content of Pepsi's 1957 formulation. Nertz. That would have been an interesting read, considering the claims of today's ad.

Still, the basis of the claims here are that "if the calories are reduced, you should assume it's now a low-calorie food". By way of example, 99 is as close as makes no difference to 100, but is still technically less. Pepsi may have reduced the sugar in their recipe by 1% and still be able to make this claim without actually lying. Hoping you'll overlook this fact, and by breezing past the total absence of any useful caloric information, Pepsi presses women's insecurity button by implying that all women should be thin so they can serve as pleasant scenery for men to look at while appreciating trendy music. Nice!

Grammatical note: Maybe 5% of the American population understand the difference between "less" and "fewer". This is pretty commonly heard when discussing calories. "Less calories" is wrong. It should be "fewer calories", because "calories" is plural. If the subject were singular, it would be "less". Things that are counted on-by-one get the word "fewer". Things that are described with the same word if there's one or ten of them get "fewer". Here...

"fewer water"              "less water"
"fewer deer"               "less deer"
"fewer mistakes"        "less mistakes"
"fewer sandwiches"    "less sandwiches"
"fewer calories"         "less calories"
"fewer hours"           "less hours"

But, nobody really pays attention to language any more. Nobody will call you on it if you ignore this rule.

Artistic note: Here's something very common in painted ad art. Carefully chosen detail. The food on the plate gets a half-assed rendering, with only vague "yeah, whatever" gestures of smudgy detail. The Pepsi logo? Sharp as a tack, boy.

Musical note: What are these trendy hipsters listening to? Let's go in for a closer look...

Oooo! They've got the new Handy Ioidll record! That one's burning up the charts! It's so trendy! He's about to put it on right now!
Oh man! They've also got the new popular album by "Jazz". Those guys rock! Well, not exactly. Those guys totally jazz!
"Lot..." "H". We can only assume from this that the Pepsi drinkers will soon be listening to the new release from Lothar of the Hill People. Finally! This one approves!

Lothar of the Hill People, from when Mike Meyers was funny, and had not yet made The Love Guru.


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Lucky Strike - A first time for everything.

The Phil Are GO! Content Acquisition Team dropped this in my desk this morning. It is the least stupid and not insulting cigarette ad I have ever seen. There's no made up  pseudoscience about "your T zone", or bogus appeal to authority using smoking doctors. Of course, the ad isn't doing much, because there's just not much to be done, without lying to people. Picture of person. Picture of product, hoping you'll make the association and believe that if you use one you can get the other.

Of course, the idea of smoke ""tasting better" is a little weird, to the eyes of a non-smoker, but I suppose it can be true. "Better" is a comparative word, and therefore, subjective. It can't be proven or disproven.

But look at her, whoever she is, looking all "I don't need your stupid whatever you got". She doesn't make me want to pick up smoking, (especially when you think what her mouth must smell like) but she maybe makes me want to start my own auto repair business so I can tear out her page and put it on the wall next to the nail holding up the strap wrench.

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The Restaurant Sketch (Heinz Soups)

Joke #1 - "'Apple-Pay, sir? I am unfamiliar with this currency, sir. Our restaurant usually accepts currency in the form of 'money pay', sir."

Joke #2 - "The soup is marvelous tonight! Did the chef put an extra orphan in it?"

Joke #3 - "I am most dreadfully sorry, sir. It seems that our head chef has compromised your personal finance data and your accounts are now all wiped. Shall I tell our dish washing staff that sir will be assisting them this evening, sir?"

Joke #4 - "Just the soup for me, waiter. However, my wifedaughter will have another glass of air, if you please."

Joke #5 - "Sir, a rather large group of little rascals are asking to join you this evening, sir."

Joke #6 - "Sir, the three chefs send their best to your wife. Their message was rather stooge-like, I'm afraid. I believe it was 'nyang nyang' and 'woo woo woo woo woo', sir."

Joke #7 - "Very well, sir. And now, if you please, I must step aside, as I believe a gentleman... an 'Indianapolis Johnson' or some such... would like to crash through your table and mumble something about being 'too old for this' while a rather large gem skitters across the dance floor for some reason."

Joke #8 comes to us from Jim D, who reserved a table for twice as many people as actually showed up. Thanks a LOT, Jim! "No, I don't believe it . . . Taster's Choice, you say?"

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1935 Buick - Star style.

It's been a while since we've featured a decogasm here, what with all the goofy inventions and spurious ad copy to be ridiculed. Let's point our eye-holes at some bonkers luxury, shall we? It's time for a decogasm. get ready for your brain to make a gooey mess all over the inside of your skull. Behold this frikkin swanky ad for the 1935 Buick. Phwoooaaaah!

This ad comes to us from the March, 1935 issue of Fortune magazine, which, considering the year and target demo, was basically the daily read of Mister Monopoly, formerly "Rich Uncle Pennybags", renamed by Hasbro some time in the 2000s. I like the old name better.

Man, like that's a lot of pinanos. What do fifty-whatever pinanos even sound like? Why do you need fifty-whatever pinanos in a print ad anyway? Well, this ad was run in cross-promotion with a film, Gold Diggers of 1935, which was directed by Busby Berkeley. Aaaaaaaahh, that explains the kooky overproduction. If his name is unfamiliar, just understand that every "homage" or "retro" musical number you see in a music video or movie is more or less a sendup of the style of musical production made famous by Busby Berkeley. Madonna's Material Girl video and the goofy opening sequences to the Austin Powers movies? Those are tributes to the Busby Berkeley style. Rows and rows of kicking dancers. Curving staircases. Fountains. Maybe a couple of kitchen sinks.

Here's something you see a LOT of in old photograhps. They didn't have Photoshop, right? So, they'd de-ambiguize objects in dark shadows. The edge of the car's tire wasn't really clear in the original photo, so a photo retoucher went in with an airbrush (an actual airbrush, children!) and sprayed some medium gray over a round frisket, to define the edge of the tire. My brain doesn't care. I don't need to see the edge of the tire. I know tires are round, and the airbrushing leaps out at me as being distracting. But, it's an interesting part of techno-history.

I don't care about musicals, and cars this old don't really warm my blood, but the visual composition of each scene in this movie are beautiful. If I may go way out on a limb, it occurs to me that there's a modern movie with similar attention to the beauty of each scene as an artistic layout: The Matrix. That movie is a study in visual composition in the same way as Gold Diggers of 1935, at least to my eye. I kind of want to watch both movies in one weekend, just to find the edges of this theory of mine.You can watch the whole Gold Diggers movie on FaceTube - it's just chopped up into ten minute segments is all. Or you can stream it from Asthmazon, Google Play or Vudu, it seems. Here's the trailer. Now that I watch that, another though occurs. Women in these movies plucked the shit out of their eyebrows! It's a bad look. Ladies, men aren't into Sharpie eyebrows. Stop it.

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