Marfak - Non-removable goop!

My dad had the knowin' and the doin' of a lot of things, and maybe ten percent of that knowledge was passed on to me. Some was simply beyond my grasp and would require some time at a trade school to really pick up. His garage was full of solvents and goops of various smells and usefulnesses. I've never heard of Marfak the lubricant. He was the villain in Krull (not really).

Texaco is pretty proud of Marfak's stickiness and lubricity. The station manager is pretty proud of his hose. Engage jokes, number one!

Joke #1 - "Yeah, the new guy got pretty excited earlier. Gil's a good kid. Lots of energy. Just a little jumpy. Let me finish cleaning this off and I'll be right with you."

Joke #2 - "I dunno. I saw these guys on Discovery channel last night who were cutting metal with a water jet. I've been at it all morning and all I've got is this rusty spot."

Joke #3 - "And this is what'll happen to you if you run off without paying for gas, sir. Scared straight, huh? I'll spray you so wet your kids will be born damp. Well, more so than they're supposed to be. You know what I mean. Just pay for the gas, okay? Send that lady over here on your way back to your car. She looks like a gas stealer too."

Joke #4 - "I'll be with you in a second, sir. I've got some Marfak on my board, here. This hose just isn't doing it. Guess I'll have to drive my board a thousand miles if I want it clean. Gosh darn Marfak. It's gonna be a long day."


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