Ballantine Ale - Velb, Myra, Spim, and Gladylvania.

The sky was a tumbling blue, as the sun found it's way home after the large sporting ball game. Velb, Myra, Spim, and Gladylvania chose to enjoy an unspecific ale in reasonable amounts, so they went to their favorite non-threatening paneled brewhouse, The Honkie Chateau.

They all loved to come back to their alma mater, State, to watch the large sporting ball games, especially so in the fall, when the weather was at it's most neutral. You could wear a coat, or not! They chose  a table in the same corner as always, near the photo-graphs of past sporting ball heroes.

Velb effused, "Look, gang! There's all our favorites up there on the wall. Such favorites as..."

"Kirk Tropenvald, the very famous slipping-on-something champeen. He played for State!"
"...and Whiff Frinfwhoff, the several-times most valuable being-surprised-to-have-forgotten-his-helmet player!"

"...and the rest of the everybody, variously acquitted of all sexual assault and criminal battery charges for not clearly explained reasons!"

"Ha ha ha! Said Gladylvania. I'm sure all those sexual assaults and batteries were just a crazy misunderstanding. Several of my doctors say that I will feel even more of that opinion in several decades when I can once again remove my arm from this brace! It will be good to no longer accidentally hail taxis."

"Yes," Spim said, "I am very glad that there is State. You can look at my impulse-purchased pennant if you forget that I am glad that we have states. See it now, my pennant? See how I wave it?"

"I am also so pleased with State that I can perform a glad dance. I perform it uninvited at many social occasions. It involves pointing my thumbs, and there are little kicks. I believe that I am a very excellent dancer, in spite of the testimonials of my friends and acquaintances to the contrary!"

"I can look at your breast when you dance in this manner! said Velb."

Bwelia was glad nobody noticed what she and Trory were doing.

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Mat Black said...

You can dispense with the irreverent fun-making in great quantities but NEVER should the impugning of Kirk Tropenvald be your course!

Gloss Taupe said...

yeah, what mat said. plus, I didn't know Colm Meaney got his start waiter-modeling in the Saturday Evening Post.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Hah! Colm Meaney. I knew the waiter looked like someone. Well spotted. He beat the crap out of Daniel Craig in Layer Cake. Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Brewer's Gold: The gold left over after having used the shittiest ingredients to brew a shitty beer.

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