DIY tips from pro self it-doers!

Stabilize your telephoto lens with this DIY rifle-stock-shaped camera mount. Inventor says he enjoys taking pictures of political appearances, human rights protests, parades, birthday parties, or just random schoolyards.

Mirror with convenient reference ornament helps observers understand they are not eagles. Also available: model for eagles with human-shaped carving in "spread person" pose.

New product "Gunk" claims to remove grease scourfully. Can be used for many hardful cleaning jobs around the house. Easefully gettable in cheaptive smallish or largesome sizeitudes. Not for usement on eating stuffs. Prolongey exposement may make have prain broplem of hard talk good. Care have of kid use gruh. Mbuff risk fluh neurolgimal  bz muffbbbuuuuhhhh California ffffuuuuuuhhhhhh.

Photo hobbyists can prevent loss of chemical jug corks by tying a string to a screw eye in stopper. Improper DK-50 ventilation of darkroom may result in obvious things seeming like incredibly clever ideas.


Mat Black said...

Gunk purposed originally as ladies' fun-tunnel wash fluid.

Anonymous said...

Mr. AreGo -
"GUNK" & "GUNK Engine Brite" are still available at most car care places, (Pep Boys, Auto Zone, etc.,...) & widely used & well respected in the "do-it-youself" auto market today - I actually used it last summer to clean the engine bay on my hot rod project. I thought being the classic car aficiando you would have been aware of this, no?
Also - I recommend you NOT use "GRONK" engine products, as they will DESTROY your engine bay, much to the enjoyment of your enemies.

I have spoken! Mr. FancyCarPants&HandleBarMustacheGuy_2

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

There is nothing in the joke about Gunk to suggest that it is not longer in production, or that I was unaware of it's existence. I simply noted their mangling of the English language and went where that led me. How dare you impugn my Gunk knowledge! You have NOT spoken. I HAVE SPOKEN!


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