Halloween Day - Gronk make poem.

Fancy Mans in Grave Yard.

One day, fancy mans say "Let's have rest in grave yard,
because we like wear stockings and foofy clothe."
Be fancy all day make tired,
and dead mans probably won't arose.

Use dead mans stone for chair.
Dead mans not like.
Be dead lots of years make hungry,
and dead mans not like you there.

"Graaah!" Dead mans got up!
Nobody could have guess!
"Ack! Dead mans! Squee!" say fancy mans.
Dead mans make yummy mess.

Dragon Shed.

Old-time village have problem
of where store extra mans.
Then weird mayor have giant idea.
"Make shed. Make look like dragon."
"Can put extra mans in dragon shed."

Village try shed idea.
Spent half village budget make dragon shed.
Make costume for dress like demon,
push mans into shed
with hay fork.

Turn out, people not like dragon shed,
and getting poked.
Village ask weird mayor to go.
Chase old weird mayor out of village.

Village elect farmer for new mayor.
Old weird mayor say "village not ready for proactive ideas."
Old weird mayor starve in woods.
Got eat by family of raccoons.


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