Trade School Sonnets - I Dream of an RD4152G Pressure Regulator

I Dream of an RD4152G Pressure Regulator
by Jane Austen
How dare I rise to meet another day
without him?
How can I bear to bore and tap a 1/4 20 hole
knowing he does not know?
Can I chamfer an edge to 1/32 radius
before I know if I am dear to him?

O! The cutting oil flows milky white
and gathers in the ewer.
Like milk of kindness
laced with jagged shavings.
Do not drink the kindness in the ewer!

How dare I bear the pressure in my chest?
The pressure of longing
for his longing.
How can I relieve the underside of the mounting plate
to save weight?
I cannot relieve my waiting.

O! The pressure!
O! My love.
Save me, RD4152G Pressure Regulator.
You are rated at a primary pressure of 20.7 bar.
Your price includes gage, fittings, mounting studs and gasket.


Jim D. said...

We've all been there, right? But what you're dealing with is infatuation, and with time, the pressure will dissipate. And don't worry, you'll bore & tap plenty more 1/4-20 holes. Why, I'm going to do one myself this afternoon, in plexiglass! So see? You've got plenty to look forward to, sport. I'm sure in two years when you're going to State, and you see all the gear and materials they got up there, you'll look back on this and smile.

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